July 4 at Raven Rock, Take 2!

Last weekend was our second annual trip to the mountains of Maryland/Pennsylvania for a 4th of July extravaganza! This year was a bit less extravaganza-ish than last, mostly because the rain put a huge damper on the 4th itself.

However, we had great fun regardless and rallied on Saturday night for a roman candle battle and sparkler fun. We also played a zillion rounds of Heads Up, I finally discovered the actual rules of Mine Sweeper, played a bit of poker, and just generally had a damn good time together. Remaining best friends with my peeps from high school has been one of the best things ever, there are few times that I feel more comfortable than when I’m with these loons.

Brace yourself for photo overload–I can never choose.





I love these two MARRIED goofballs.






I’m already counting down until next year–363 days to go.

July Goals // 2015


Guys, it’s July, and July means I get to head to the mountains on the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania and spend a three day weekend relaxing with my favorite people (Kate, Leah, and Austen–you will be missed!!!!) I cannot wait to be back in that hammock.

Last month’s goals most certainly did not get accomplished. It was a crazy month, I traveled every weekend, but it was a good one. I’m not gonna lie, this summer kind of feels like I’m spinning my wheels and can never get anything accomplished, but I know it will all even out eventually.

June Goals

– Post on the blog twice a week. Not even close. I’m prioritizing this for July. 

– Clean out my dresser drawers and donate some old clothes. This isn’t going to happen until August, maybe September.

Get an A in my Special Education class that is currently trying to kill me. TAKE THAT, CLASS.

Keep up with the kale smoothies and get back on the yoga train. The smoothie thing is no issue but the yoga has been harder. I’ve done it every day this week so I’m calling it a win.

– Cut back on sugar and bread. CUT BACK ON SUGAR AND BREAD, EMILY. I mean, was I even serious about this?

Go to the Dominican Republic and have the best time ever!!!!!!! HECK YEAH, see this post for a recap.

Onto the next, right?

July Goals

– Post on the blog three days a week.

– Make and mail invitations for Taylor’s bridal shower.

– Fill out my new planner and get organized for my new job.

– Become an official DCPS employee.

– Make and order my yearly photo books for my nanny babies.

I think I can handle all five of those and once August rolls around I’ll have a bit more free time.

Happy early 4th of July, y’all!

POP Trip 2015



I heard once that studies show that people who are surprised with a trip somewhere enjoy their trip far less than people who have been anticipating said trip for a length of time. Which sounds pretty legit to me. I can speak from experience and say that the trip I just went on to the Dominican Republic was AMAZING and I had been anticipating it for almost a year.



Two of my best friends, Leah and Austen, were gifted a sort of “membership” to a wonderful resort in the Dominican Republic as one of their wedding gifts. They went for their honeymoon and a group of us went back this year! Their position as a shareholder means we all still pay a fee to go, but we get lots of perks and definitely save some money along the way.


After traveling for almost 18 hours on Saturday, we arrived in Puerta Plata and checked into our villa. There were five of us (two couples and myself) in a three bedroom, 4.5 bath villa with our own private pool, golf cart, and personal breakfast chef. It was pretty much the best thing ever.


We spent our mornings waking up early (we’re all early risers), reading books on our patio (with the wild cats joining us), eating breakfast that was cooked each morning in our villa, then heading to the beaches to relax and have mixed drinks all morning. Comfy beds in the sand, waiters bringing you drinks, great views, the whole shebang.


After lunch at the beach restaurant we would head back to the house for long afternoon hours by the pool, my favorite time of day. Then showers and drinking games were followed by a different delicious restaurant every night.


The week was so great and I managed to not get sunburned at all, a huge win. I read four books, drank a lot of rum, and spent much needed time with my best friend.


The trip ended on a sour note with three of us getting stuck in NJ overnight–we ended up traveling for at least 24 hours to get home, but if I don’t think about that part, it was all very lovely.


I cannot wait to go back again in two years (hopefully) and many, many times after that! Thanks again for inviting me, Leah and Austen!!

Currently // June 2015


shocked that I only blogged 6 times this month. Whoa.

looking forward to a weekend in the mountains for the 4th of July!

mourning the lives lost in Charleston.

eating chicken pesto sandwiches.

watching Friends, about to start Season 10.

loving being reunited with my nanny babies after a week apart.

planning how I’m going to get a new car.

thankful that everyone is ok after my car accident this month.

walking literally everywhere due to said car accident (car was totaled).

starting a teaching job in August.

ordering nothing. Let the spending freeze commence.

wanting a longer break from school.

reading nothing today. Taking a break before school starts again tomorrow.

drinking less Diet Coke–total over kill last week.

celebrating marriage equality.

working as many overtime hours as I can.

listening to Cam Country!

pleased that I made it home after a crazy 25 hour travel day this past weekend.

traveling to Maryland/Pennsylvania, Richmond, Delaware, and North Carolina–all in July.

remembering what this month looked like last year.

Crazy, Mad, Bonkers


This week has been a busy one! Two job interviews, working until midnight tonight, lots of homework, and entertaining kids while Mother Nature forgot that it was summer. I’m quite tired. But!!! It was also a super exciting week because I had a post featured on Design Mom!

For those of you that don’t spend an insane amount of time online, Design Mom is an incredible blog created by Gabrielle Blair. She chronicles her life with her husband and six kids, their travels, every day events, and other random interesting things. Each week she has two features that I adore, Living with Kids and Call It A Day. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to write the post for Call It A Day!

I knew that I was going to feel proud once I saw my post go up but I had no idea how much it would make me cry. Between Gabrielle’s sweet words and the kind comments that came in, I cried multiple times.

And! So many new people came to this blog as a result! People from all over the world. Hello Singapore! Hello Netherlands! Hello South Africa! I cannot even tell you how grateful I am that all of you took a peek into my little world this week. It means so much to me.

If you’re new here, check out the ‘Who’s that girl?’ tab on the tip top of this page to learn a bit more about this space. And here are a few links to posts that I’ve written so far this year that I love:

The time I made a fool of myself trying to flirt with a stranger.

My thoughts on cat calling and why it isn’t ok.

Some thoughts on being a young, single girl.

Welcome! I hope you’ll stick around. Things may be a little quiet here this summer but I’m doing my best to churn out posts more often.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

As I mentioned earlier this week, May was nuts. When I say mayday I mean two things– 1. May is super fun and awesome and 2. Please rescue me, May is so jam packed full of things that I don’t even know how to function.

I thought I’d do a quick photo dump and review of the month, to remember things, ya know.

The month was kicked off with Behr Bach! Also know as Katie’s bachelorette party to celebrate her wedding that is happening THIS WEEKEND!!

The babes and I had a great month, we painted for Mother’s Day and picked out flowers for their moms. I only lost Stink once in the hardware store, which I call a huge win.


Gracie graduated from Carolina and we are all SO PROUD. Aunt Julie made an awesome photo booth for everyone to take pictures with.

I went to karaoke twice this month and KILLED IT rapping Kendrick Lamar. But I wasn’t nearly as impressive as Daniela and Ari were as a tambourine duo.

I discovered Cava and ate their chicken rice bowl as often as possible.

I went to Richmond and had THE BEST WEEKEND EVER. And everything about it was so freaking amazing including the fact that I bought The Sound of Music soundtrack for $3!!!!

And then this weekend my cousin, Erica, celebrated her marriage! It was a great time with the whole family. You’d think that since I get paid to hold babies all week I would be tired of it by the weekend but, nope, this little dude and I were in loooooove.

So that was May! Plus four thousand other things that I did. It was busy and full and oh, so much fun. June has a lot to live up to but the good news is, I’m going to the Dominican Republic so I’m pretty sure it will be a success.


June Goals // 2015


Hey there, summer! It’s so nice to see you! I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready for more days by the pool, ocean, river, lake–pretty much any body of water available to me. Unfortunately, this summer is also full of homework and job applications and lots of driving. But that’s ok, it’s going to be very very worth it in the end.

This post is going to be quick, so let’s look back at last month,

May Goals

Celebrate turning 25 with my friends on Tuesday and my family next weekend, write a post here about it I never got a post up about my birthday, but I did have a good one! Despite almost dying from stupid pollen allergies. 

– Do 30 minutes of yoga every weekday This was a huge fail. I only did it 6 or 7 times. Trying again this month.

Drink a kale smoothie for breakfast every weekday I think I missed one or two days when I was out of fruit, but otherwise this was a huge win!

Print, assemble, and mail Taylor’s bachelorette party invites Done and done! They looked great! Hopefully I’ll post about them here soon!

Have an excellent attitude about all the travel I have coming up this summer. It’s lots and lots of really fun things but it’s also a lot of time in the car. If I go into it with a bad attitude it’s not going to be any fun, so I’m going to look at one week at a time and enjoy each one. First up next weekend, Gracie graduates from UNC and it’s Mother’s Day! I think this is going fairly well. Two trips down, five to go–I can do this!

And moving on to next month!

June Goals

– Post on the blog twice a week.

– Clean out my dresser drawers and donate some old clothes.

– Get an A in my Special Education class that is currently trying to kill me.

– Keep up with the kale smoothies and get back on the yoga train.

– Cut back on sugar and bread. CUT BACK ON SUGAR AND BREAD, EMILY.

– Go to the Dominican Republic and have the best time ever!!!!!!!

June, you’re going to be crazy pants, I cannot wait!

Marathon Summer Travels


Hello there, peeps!

It’s Tuesday and I’m exhausted. How can that be?

Probably because I just got back from my first of seven travel weekends in a row. I spent Friday through late Monday in Richmond, Virginia visiting Kate and frolicking around town with Kelsey and Jess. It was magical and hilarious and just so much fun I could explode just thinking about it. We danced and went to the pool and ate all the food and drank all the drinks and went to an island and floated down a river (funny story about that to come) and it was just generally awesome.

This coming weekend I’m heading to Greensboro to celebrate one of my cousin’s wedding, the next weekend I’m back in Greensboro for a close friend’s wedding, the next weekend I’m back in Greensboro for my little brother’s high school graduation, and then I’m spending 7 glorious days in the Dominican Republic!!! And then a weekend in the mountains for the 4th of July. It’s going to be crazy, but it’s going to be fun.

So, I’m going to be balancing all that travel with still working 40-50 hours a week and trying to do well in my Special Education summer class. It’s a lot. Oh, and I’m applying and interviewing for teaching jobs for the fall. Did I mention I’ve got a lot of stuff to do?

I can’t complain though, it’s all very fun or exciting stuff that I’m blessed to be a part of. I have a feeling that I’m going to end this summer incredibly exhausted but perhaps the happiest I’ve ever been.

Let’s do this, summer 2015!

P.S. Incase you didn’t pick up on it, there’s going to be very little blogging time this summer–but I’m going to do my best to stick to 2ish posts a week and will hopefully be back in full force come August!!

Currently: May // 2015


looking forward to my trip to the DR in 32 days!!!!

appreciating an easier work week this week.

eating PB&J for lunch.

watching Friends, I’m on Season 6, shockingly I had never seen most of them!

loving all the one on one time I’m getting with Ladybug this month.

planning how the heck I’m going to get through this first summer class.

thankful that I’ve gotten two job interviews this month. Fingers crossed.

walking with Ladybug strapped to my back. Working out those shoulders.

enjoying all the watermelon.

ordering Aloha packets each month, because the need for vegetables and nutrients is REAL.

wanting a longer break from school.

reading a novel a week for this summer class. First up, Michael J. Fox’s memoir.

drinking all the water, as always.

working on slowly learning how to do a headstand. Check back with me next May.

listening to Kelsea Ballerini’s new album.

celebrating Leah and Austen‘s second anniversary today!!

traveling every weekend between now and July 10th. Seriously.

remembering what this month looked like last year.

April Book Report


I’m trying to crank out last month’s book report before this month ends, so here’s a quick overview of the few books I read last month.

(Thank the Lord for Goodreads. If they weren’t keeping track of what I was reading I don’t think I’d be able to remember.)

In fact, I only read two books in April! My slacking off was real.

First up was Still Alice. And it blew me away. The best word to describe it is devastating. If you don’t know the story (it was just made into a movie that Julianne Moore won Best Actress for), it’s about a 50 year old professor at Harvard who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. The book is written from her perspective which gives it a really interesting voice, as Alice begins to forget things or repeat conversations you begin to read those conversations again and again in the book.

As you can imagine, there is no happy ending, as there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. However, I think the book brings great awareness to how devastating this disease can be, especially when it is early onset. I was deeply moved by it, but like I said, it’s can be very upsetting at times.

The second book I finished in April was a chick lit novel, another in the series I started over my Christmas vacation. Ripple of Secrets: A Rose Gardner Mystery Novella to be exact. It was exactly what I expected from it and I can’t wait to read the next book that came out in late April.

This month I’ve been trudging through Not That Kind of Girl (I don’t love it), and finished up Design Mom’s book (it was amazing). Reviews of those two and hopefully one or two more to come at the end of the month! And watch out, I’m going to the Dominican Republic in June and plan to read at least 10 books that week.