November Goals // 2015


October Goals

– Practice doing planks each morning before work. I’m only devoting five minutes to this which means it’s totally manageable and I can do it. I’ve started a new workout plan that I’m sticking to but not planks. Wish me luck.

Participate in the 30 day green smoothie challenge over at Simply Green Smoothies. I maybe missed 3 or 4 days but this still counts. 

Have the BEST time at Grace and Roice’s wedding and while visiting Leah and Austen in Durham mid month! The wedding was a huge success and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Think of a great Halloween costume idea with Kate and actually make it out to the bar this year–which means no one losing their ID before we even get in the cab (got it, Kate?) We wore cute masks one night and were fantastic flappers the next night! Lots of fun.

November Goals

– Cut myself some slack about posting on the blog. It’s just not happening a lot during this time and that’s just going to have to be okay. I want to put up my goals and currently posts for the rest of the year but other than that I’m not going to let the blog loom over me.

– Keep up with my 5k program and 30 Days of Yoga.

– Finish my Christmas shopping by Nov 30th.

– Run the Greensboro Gobbler for the 4th time.

– Enjoy the few days off that I get for Thanksgiving and hopefully watch the Panthers kick the Cowboys butt that evening!

September Book Report

Things were slow on the book reading front this month. Between the whole working three jobs debacle and getting deeply, and I do mean DEEPLY, sucked into Switched at Birth on Netflix–there hasn’t been a ton of time for reading. I could be making time, but I just haven’t. I’ve got three books on hold at the library that I’m excited about and I’m hoping they push me back into a good reading groove.

However! Last month I did read one really excellent book. The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan was truly a great read. Based very loosely on the life of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the 400+ page story was enthralling, hilarious, sweet, and even mesmerizing at times. I loved it. It may be a little too “love story” ish for some people, but I can never get enough of a good love story.

This one book brings my total books read count for the year to 41! I’m kicking butt.

P.S. No picture for this post because a) Kindle’s are hard to photograph and b) I’m rushing this during my lunch break and have terrible internet access.

In Which I Know All the Important Things

And now I present to you a random list of things I’ve learned so far in my life. Things to note before you proceed: I still know pretty much nothing. But here are some fun tips I’ve picked up in the last 9278 days (or the last 25ish years).

1. Always get the tattoo, and by always I mean after thinking about it every day for two years.

2. Never get the bangs. I really mean it. I will be dealing with these repercussions for at least the next year.

3. Spend your money on experiences, not items. I still don’t take this advice often enough but I’ll talk about seeing Eric Church or Taylor Swift in concert or my first trip out of the country for years and years and years to come and I probably can’t tell you the last five articles of clothing I bought.

4. (Even though you should be buying concert tickets instead) Buy cute pajamas. You’re going to spend a lot of your twenties wearing pajamas. There will be hangovers, Netflix marathons, sleepovers, and lots of trips. You’ll always feel better in cute but comfy pajamas.

5. Eat the vegetables. Or in my case, drink them. I cannot for the life of me finish a plate of salad but I’ll drink 2 cups of spinach like a champ. Do it. Because we’re getting old and our metabolism is slowing.

6. Wake up early. It’s far more satisfying to wake up early and then take a nap then it is to sleep until 11AM. Trust me.

7. Dance a lot. Because you’re right, you probably do look stupid, but who gives a f*** when you’re having so much fun.

8. Buy a full length mirror. It’s just helpful.

And those my friends are the only eight things I’ve learned in the last 25 years.

Just kidding. But they are eight of the most important things and eight of the things I’ve been appreciating the most lately.

Oh, and here I prove to you points 2, 4, and 8–all in one pictures. Cute PJs, bad bangs, and full length mirrors, FTW.

I’m sure I’ll be back in another five years (will blogs even be here in five years?) to either contradict or add to all of these things. Until then, I’m gonna go put on my cute PJs and dance around my house while I drink my green smoothie and get ready for work. Because I AM AN ADULT. Duh.

Currently // October 2015


looking forward to visiting Leah and Austen in Chapel Hill this weekend.

appreciating my three day weekend, thank you federal holidays.

eating Laffy Taffy.

watching last night’s premiere of The Walking Dead. Favorite show forever and ever.

loving all the time I got to spend outside this weekend.

planning what outfits I’m going to wear this weekend. Yes, Leah and I do this on the reg.

walking and running while doing the Couch to 5k app again.

enjoying spending at least half of my weekends in DC.

ordering nothing. Not enough money.

reading Harry Potter while I wait for my library book holds to come through.

drinking green smoothies every weekday. Very proud of myself.

working hard but loving it more each day.

listening to Rachel Platten

grateful for good friends in DC.

remembering what this month looked like last year.

Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down

I know I’ve posted a picture of my tattoo on the blog before, but I’ve never had a post dedicated to it, and the lighting was so good in a bathroom I was in the other day that I just had to take a shot of it.

I never thought that I would get a tattoo, I just couldn’t think of anything that I loved enough to have it on my body for the rest of my life. But about two years ago I got a little idea.

I’ve loved Harry Potter for over a decade. It might make me a nerd and it certainly brings on a chuckle or two when I tell people that it my favorite book, but I don’t care. There is really nothing quite like the world that J.K. Rowling created and I’ve never read anything that makes me feel as at home as those seven books do.

I knew that I needed to be really sure that I wanted a tattoo of a scar that a fictional character has on my wrist for the rest of my life. I set a timeline for myself and decided that if I waited two full years and still wanted it, then it was a go. I never once doubted it after I first got the idea in my head.

So, as promised to myself, shortly after my 25th birthday I headed down to Adams Morgan to get inked! I’m a bit strange and felt more anxiety about meeting new people at the tattoo parlor than I did the actual getting of the tattoo. It only lasted about 2 minutes and it did hurt like hell, but it was totally worth it. And what they say is true, it’s kind of addicting–this whole tattoo thing. I wanted another one immediately but I don’t have any other ideas, so I think I’m good with just one. For now.

I couldn’t possibly love it anymore and it reminds me that I do indeed live a very magical life.

Summer Book Report


Since this past summer was full of so much travel, there was actually a lot of time for reading. Ready for a serious book review post? Here we go…

This summer I read:

15+ trashy romance novels: these do not get summaries but just know that I love them all and no, I’m not ashamed of it.

The Nightingale: best book I read all summer. This is very very high on my list of favorite books ever. We’re talking right behind Harry Potter, A Time to Kill, and tied with All the Light We Cannot See. It takes place in France during WWII and is the story of two sisters and the different ways the war changed their lives. I cannot recommend it enough. Thanks for insisting I read it, Leah!

Big Little Lies: second best book I read all summer. Seriously gripping and I never saw the ending coming. Not once. It is a story about a group of parents whose children all go to school together–that’s all I’ll say. Seriously, read this. Shout out to Leah for this rec, too!

The Invention of Wings: another recommendation from Leah, because she picks the best books. A really great read about Sarah Grimke, an anti-slavery activist and her relationship with a slave her family owns.

Always Looking Up: Michael J. Fox’s memoir–I had to read this for a class but I’m so glad that I did. I didn’t know much about Fox’s struggle with Parkinson’s and I found this to be so inspiring.

On the Island: this could technically fall into the trashy romance novel category but it’s a step above, I think. Leah doesn’t just recommend the best legit books but also great beach reads as well. A tutor and her student are in a plane crash and stranded alone on a deserted island. It’s good.

Look Me in the Eye: this was another school read but another good one. This is a memoir by a man with Asberger’s Syndrome, I really loved reading it.

Paper Towns: I devoured this in a day in anticipation of seeing the movie, which I still haven’t actually seen! I loved it, as I do most young adult novels.

The Reason I Jump: I know this is getting redundant but, another school read, this one by a 13 year old with autism. It was so insightful and has been groundbreaking in regards to learning more about what life is really like for someone with autism.

A Loss For Words: last one, another school book, this one about a woman whose parents are both deaf. I currently have a fascination with ASL and the deaf community and loved learning more about it. Two thumbs up.

Design Mom: Design Mom is one of my all time favorite blogs (remember that time I did a guest post there) and Gabrielle’s first book was a slam dunk. It’s all about making a home work well for the people that live in it and I loved it and look at it all the time.

Not That Kind of Girl: I love Lena Dunham and find her so inspiring, but this book didn’t thrill me at all. There were a few essays that I enjoyed but overall I found it off putting.

One Plus One: this was such a feel good book, I love JoJo Moyes’ writing style and loved meeting more of her characters and being in their world. I cannot suggest this one enough.

So all in all 12 legit books and 15 trashy romance novels. 27 books this summer! And 40 books this year! I’m really proud of myself and so happy that I’ve worked reading back into my daily routine. It does the soul some serious good and makes it much easier to fall asleep at night.

October Goals // 2015


So, September was kind of a crap shoot. I did a lot of working and not enough resting and almost burnt myself out. I’ve cleared my plate a little bit and I’m working on finding a good balance. I’m trying to cut myself some slack about how few goals I accomplished last month.

September Goals 

– Take some video on my Labor Day trip and at Taylor and Justin’s wedding. I’ve LOVED having some quick clips from this summer’s events and I’m hoping to keep this habit up. I took some video of Labor Day but haven’t put them together and I took absolutely none at the wedding.

Pack lunch and dinner for work, work, and school at least 4 days a week. Must save money, must not eat junk. I’ve done a good job of packing my meals but I’ve been buying too many snacks, need to work on that for sure. 

– Be active three days a week: yoga, running, or reaching 10k stops during the day counts. I got better about this towards the end of the month and I’m determined to keep it up.

– Practice juggling (duh, because it’s a yearly goal and I haven’t started on it, ooooooops). No comment.

Alright, let’s figure out the best way to make things happen in October.

October Goals

– Practice doing planks each morning before work. I’m only devoting five minutes to this which means it’s totally manageable and I can do it.

– Participate in the 30 day green smoothie challenge over at Simply Green Smoothies.

– Have the BEST time at Grace and Roice’s wedding and while visiting Leah and Austen in Durham mid month!

– Think of a great Halloween costume idea with Kate and actually make it out to the bar this year–which means no one losing their ID before we even get in the cab (got it, Kate?)

I’m so excited for fall and hopeful about how this month is going to go!

Gracie is a bride!

Guys! The craziest thing is happening this weekend. My cousin, Grace, is getting married. The fact that she’s getting married isn’t actually the crazy part. What’s insane is that we’re old enough for one of us to be getting married. Where did the time go?! I mean, aren’t we all still teenagers (or pre-teens, in the boys’ case)?!

Also, please note that for Grace’s 16th birthday she got a white Christmas tree.


Truthfully, I’m glad we’ve all gotten older. I’m glad the boys got haircuts and that we’re all a bit less awkward.

Also, big shout out to Aunt Terri for documenting our entire childhoods. I fell down a deep rabbit hole on Shutterfly browsing for pictures for this post and there are lots of staged adorable ones that I could post–but I love the weirdness of that one.

Ok wait, but also I have to post this one:


And the reenactment we did this past March:


We are one good looking group of cousins, huh? I cannot wait to all be reunited this weekend for the first of many real life adult events in our lives!

I cannot wait to be in your wedding tomorrow, Gracie, it’s going to be a magical, wonderful day (even if it does rain—but fingers crossed it doesn’t)!

Love you forever!

Summer 2015 in Numbers

This summer was one for the record books. I was out of town for all but 3 weekends and attended pretty much every type of major life event you can imagine. I did a little calculating and I present to you–summer 2015 by the numbers.

There were:


2 bachelorette parties


6 trips to Greensboro


1 college graduation


1 high school graduation


4 airplane rides


2 train rides


1 trip out of the country


1 bridal shower


1 mountain trip



2 weddings

1 RVA trip

and 2 graduate school classes–which there are for sure not photographs of.

It was a long, exhausting, exhilarating, incredibly fun, and memorable summer. And now fall, I am so ready for you.

Currently // September 2015


bummed that I only posted here 4 times this month.

hopeful that I’ll be breaking that habit next month.

relieved to have finished a marathon summer of traveling.

looking forward to Grace and Roice’s wedding this weekend!

appreciating extra free time after deciding to go down from three jobs to one.

eating Cheez-its.

watching Switched at Birth. Because again, I have a sick obsession with ABC Family shows.

loving that fall has arrived.

planning out blog posts for the month ahead.

walking around Georgetown on my lunch breaks and taking in it’s charm.

enjoying getting to know my students better every day.

crying during every single clip of Ellen I watch online. What is wrong with me.

reading nothing right this moment but considering revisiting Hogwarts this fall.

not drinking Diet Coke anymore. Time to break the addiction, again.

working on holding a plank for longer than 30 seconds.

listening to Rachel Platten. Fight Song and Stand By You are my jam.

excited for my visit to Durham later this month.

remembering what this month looked like last year.