Silly Gillys

IMG_2367This past weekend, during my approximately 12 waking hours off from work, I went to a live taping of my favorite podcast, alone. And before you laugh at me, I checked with Kate and even though that makes me a huge nerd it also makes me adorable. So, you can laugh. But only while contemplating how stinking cute I am.

Anywho, I’ve waxed poetically about the Gilmore Guys before on this blog but quick summary: Kevin and Demi are two 20-somethings watching each episode of Gilmore and recapping and analyzing the show in two hour-ish long episodes per week. Kevin is a die-hard fan, Demi is watching for the first time. It’s this weird, hilarious, perfect show.

The live show was all I had hoped it would be, except there was no special guest which was quite a bummer. However, Kevin and Demi delivered, as always. And sitting in a synagogue (shout out Sixth and I!) while singing the theme song to my all time favorite TV show with 800 other nerds was a highlight of the summer–seriously.

You should really listen to the show, here’s the link to their website! But skip episode 109–it’s the worst.


Emma Lou Teaches, The Beginning

I’m writing this on Thursday night. I’m exhausted. In a good way. The kind of exhausted that comes from working really hard at something because you love it and you just want to do it right and be proud of your work.

On Monday I started working at a public elementary school in Washington, D.C. I’m in the pre-k3 classroom as an assistant while I finish out my Masters. We are building the pre-k3 program from scratch which is thrilling and overwhelming all at the same time. We started with an empty classroom, waited two days for a delivery of 55 boxes, spent a day unloading boxes, and by the end of today we started to have a semblance of a classroom. Hopefully on Monday I’ll have an updated picture to share of our finished product!




So far I’m loving the school (like really, LOVING it), loving my co-workers, and mostly loving working around other adults again. I miss my nanny babies something fierce but it is so nice to be amongst taller, more articulate humans again. This year is going to be nuts because I’m teaching, working at a stationary store on nights and weekends, doing some admin work for a friend’s company, and finishing up graduate school. But it’s all work that I’m excited about and ready for and if I do a good job getting enough sleep, it’ll be wonderful.

And on that note, I’ll leave you. As you’re reading this on Friday I will be in one of my happy places, surrounded my toys that need organizing.

TGIF, peeps!

#beCummingsaKenny Shower Video

This was already posted on Facebook for most people to see, but incase you missed it: I made a little video of Taylor and Justin’s wedding shower! I’ve never made a video before but my brother has started to do more of it so I thought that I would try my had at it. There is definitely room for improvement but I think this is a pretty good start!


Currently // August 2015


laughing at the cute little action figures my mom and brother collect for their kitchen window sill.

looking forward to meeting my students next Monday!

appreciating having a three week break from grad school to adjust to my new job.

eating salads. Or trying my best to.

watching The Fosters, because I’m not-so-secretly still obsessed with ABC Family. If only Pretty Little Liars didn’t scare me so much.

loving meeting my new co-workers.

planning how I’m going to pay all my bills after a 50% pay cut. Why don’t teachers make more money?!

walking less due to my job change, but still trying to meet my monthly step goal.

enjoying three weeks in a row with no traveling.

crying over how much I miss my babies already.

reading One Plus One and Being Mortal.

drinking water. No Diet Coke. NO DIET COKE, EMILY.

working my butt off this week.

listening to Dierks Bentley’s album, Riser.

excited for the Gilmore Guys Live Show in DC in two weeks!

remembering what this month looked like last year.

The Stroller Diaries // The Finale


I’ve always loved kids. When people ask why I want to become a teacher I quickly respond with “I love being around children.” I’d much rather hold a baby, even a crying screaming one, than a puppy. I’m the first to dance with the tiny ones at a wedding reception or run off to the playground at a family gathering. The easiest explanation for why I love kids so much is because they are just so darn cute. They’re faces are so expressive and they’re sentences are so hilarious. The way they toddle around and can’t seem to find their balance, even years after they’ve learned to walk, is charming. I love the smell of a newborn baby and the smell of a sweaty, tired four year old just the same. They ask the silliest questions and diffuse a serious situation with their chatter in a heartbeat. Admit it, you know that kids are adorable.

But if there is one thing I’ve learned over the last two years with Ladybug and Stink, it’s that I love being around them not so much because of how cute they are, but because of who they are and because of the better person that they turn me in to.

My nanny babies forced me to learn to be patient, with them and with myself. They urged me to put down my phone because the only way they were going to stop crying was if I rocked them with both hands placed strategically on their head and their legs, while simultaneously bouncing at the knee. These babies taught me to multi-task like a pro, warming up bottles, spoon feeding, diaper changing, and rocking all at once.

When they turned to toddlers, these two taught me how to have eyes in the back of my head. Always watching both of them, no matter which direction either ran in. They taught me to look up at the helicopters that fly over our city on a daily basis and to be in awe of just how freaking cool propellors really are. They reminded me how magical it can be to pump your legs and fly high in the sky on a swing. And they also helped me to remember that sometimes big things, like slides, can be scary and that it’s okay to ask to hold someone’s hand.

I’ll reluctantly admit that my toddlers have turned to little kids, as they so often remind me, and they’ve continued to make me better every day. They show me just how much love can fix by asking for kisses on their ow-ies. They continue to teach me patience as we work on potty training and various forms of time-out. They show me what unconditional love really looks like when they run to me for a hug after I accidentally raise my voice at them. And I learned what real fear felt like during our car accident.

I am braver, stronger, more patient, more kind, more loving, and still incredibly imperfect after my two years with Lady and Stink. They are much better people than I’ll ever be, and I hope that that rings true for years to come.

I love you with all the love in the whole wide world, Lady and Stink. I’m forever indebted to you for letting me grow alongside you both.

The Stroller Diaries // 56

Well folks, this is it. This is my last week as Stink, Ladybug, and Squish’s full-time nanny. Two years have come and gone and I can without a doubt say they were my best two years. These two (and then three) babies have made me a much better person and I’m forever grateful to them for loving me even half as much as I love them.

Last year, for our one year anniversary together, I made the babies picture books with all the snapshots I had taken throughout the year. I did the same this year, using Artifact Uprising (because they are seriously the best), and I just love, love, love the final products. They are both over 70 pages, with some pages holding 4 pictures each, so there is a lot to look through. What can I say, these babes are super photogenic.


I added notes throughout for both of them with final messages at the end that I teared up writing. I hope that they enjoy flipping through them and pointing out all the fun things that we did together.

I’ll be your Emmy forever, kiddos. Big squeeze.


#beCUMMINGSaKENNY Wedding Shower


Last weekend was the bridal shower for Taylor (Cummings) and Justin (Kenny) (hence the hashtag) in NC. It went so wonderfully! I love getting together with my high school friends and their significant others–even though it makes us all feel super old.

Thanks so much to Justin’s dad for all of these pictures, to Taylor and Justin’s moms for their hard work to pull this off, and to everyone else for coming!! We had a great time and I cannot wait for the wedding in 34 days!

This, That, Here, There, etc.


This story and this piece are wildly important. It’s important that we read about these events, tell our friends about them, and do our best to help change our world to prevent them from happening again. Lately I’ve been thinking about how I’ve always considered myself to be the kind of person that would have marched with Dr. King and his supporters–but I’m not marching now, I haven’t gone to any rallies–so what makes me think I would’ve taken action then? Why am I not taking action now? I’m working on finding ways to change this.

One of the tiny ways I want to do something about that is by joining this book club. I’ve read a lot of think pieces by black people talking about how difficult it is for them to make change in our country while also educating white Americans about what needs to change. I like how Jolie has decided to take initiative and create a place where we can learn together. She asked for a recommendation from a black friend for a good book to start with and the discussions will begin on her blog soon. Click here for the book if you’d like to join in to (let me know if you do!)

For something a little lighter, here is an announcement about a new Kid President series that I’m PUMPED for. #awesomegirls.

I’m not really one for dreaming about my future wedding, however, when it comes to photographers there are few people that I would want to shoot the big day. Yan Palmer tops the list. She’s so freaking incredible and I could stare at her pictures all day. So, wedding checklist: (1) be more social (2) meet a boy (3) go on a date (4) get engaged (5) call Yan. Excellent, should have that covered in no time at all.

And for this week’s etc. I present to you my top three favorite podcasts right now:

1. Gilmore Guys Show: can’t stop won’t stop listening to Kevin and Demi talk about each episode in detail. I have laughed until I’ve cried multiple times and I’ve got Katie and Leah listening now too. It’s fun. Do it.

Favorite episode: start from the beginning.

2. Mystery Show: best new podcast around. Starlee not only has a cool name and unique radio voice but she also finds the best stories and can get anyone to talk about anything.

Favorite episode: Britney

3. Reply All: I love the internet. These are stories about the internet. Done.

Favorite episode: @ISIS




IMG_1441Guys, I have a new favorite beach. Rehoboth Beach. It’s amazing! It’s 3 hours from the city! It’s adorable! There are colorful umbrellas, good people watching, amazing junk food, and a cute boardwalk. I’m obsessed.

Plus, it was a great place for Taylor’s bachelorette party last month. Six of us drove up for a three day weekend full of sun, a little drinking, a lot of dancing, and just all around fun. We stayed at a beachfront hotel that was a 45 second walk to the sand and we had a great time.

We also cleaned up pretty nicely, if I do say so myself.

I had a ton of fun and I hope Taylor felt properly celebrated, we’re all so excited for her and Justin’s wedding in less than two months!




August Goals // 2015


What’s up, new floor length mirror?! Let’s take more selfies, shall we?

You know the drill, let’s review!

July Goals

– Post on the blog three days a week. So this was my second month in a row with this goal and the second month in a row I failed. Next month WILL BE BETTER.

Make and mail invitations for Taylor’s bridal shower. Done and done! Shower is this weekend!

Fill out my new planner and get organized for my new job. Done and done, it took a while to get things together but I feel better now.

Become an official DCPS employee. I officially accepted my offer last week, hooray!

Make and order my yearly photo books for my nanny babies. My books should be arriving any day now and I will photograph and share them with y’all then!

Last month kind of felt like a crap shoot but I’m really happy that I got everything worked out (except for neglecting this space). Here’s hoping for a productive August.

August Goals

– Blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I miss this space and I want to make sure I’m more consistent about posting here. I’ve got a calendar made up for August and I hope to get a jump start on September soon.

– Hit 10,000 steps on my step counting app at least 5 days a week. Switching to a new job halfway through the month is going to mean less time outside (I walk about 5 miles with my nanny babies each day) so I want to be conscious about keeping up with this.

– Figure out my computer photo storage. Apple had to go and update their Photos app and ruin everything. I HATE CHANGE. Now I can’t get my photos to sync and the ones that I can are wildly out of order. All the stress.

– Co-host a successful wedding shower for Taylor and Justin! Everything is pretty much done for this and the shower is this weekend, cross your fingers for good weather.

– Take more pictures of things other than my nanny babies. I’m struggling to find good everyday pictures to use in this space and I need to step my photo game back up.

– Register my new car in DC, get it inspected, and figure out what needs to be done with my brakes. Boring adult stuff.

– Relax. I’m starting a new job this month which will be a bit hectic but this is also the first month in three months (how many times can I say month) that I won’t be traveling during at least 3 weekends. I’m only out of town for this first weekend and then it’s time to settle back into this city and get into a good groove. I miss consistency and I feel like I didn’t get to take advantage of my city this summer. Fall will be different.