Emma Lou Believes In: Sweet Nectar Society

When it comes to charitable or fundraising organizations, Sevenly is hands down, no doubt about it my favorite. I’ve written about them in the past, but I just couldn’t help but to feature them again today.

Sevenly is an organization that picks a different charity each week and then has a team of designers that create awesome products focused on the charity’s cause. Seven dollars of each item purchased goes directly to the charity, and they have raised over $2 million to date. What I love about Sevenly is that they are completely transparent, they aren’t trying to pass themselves off as a 501c3 organization, they are for profit and make that clear. But I think the reason they have been able to do so much good is because they put some of their profit back into making their products, their marketing, and their organization awesome. When you have an awesome organization, you reach more people, and when you reach more people, you raise more money for charities that really need it.

This week, Sevenly is partnering with the Sweet Nectar Society. SNS is a new group that “brings together a network of talented photographers throughout Central California for one important mission—to capture the hope, courage, and strength of children undergoing treatment for serious illnesses, disabilities and injuries, and provide their families with lasting memories.” 

I first entered this blogging community through photography blogs. I followed well over 30 photography blogs before I even discovered any other type of blog! And while I have pared by my reader quite a bit since then, I still have a special place in my heart for photographers. I love how much the good ones really care about their clients. I love the memories that are created and the moments that are frozen forever. I love the heirlooms and the family stories that are captured.

The Sweet Nectar Society is really the best kind of thing that can come from the photography world. And being able to help this organization thrive is something I’m really excited about, and I think you should be too!

I’ve pulled a few products from Sevenly’s site this week to share, but these are just my favorites! There are dozens more to choose from. But hurry, once this week ends, these products are no longer available!


This baseball tee is hands down my favorite item this week, I’m dying to add it to my collection of Sevenly stuff. Another thing I love about these clothes? They are super soft, well made, and on the inside the cause it supports is printed where the size/washing instructions are.


I. Want. This. Necklace. Ohmygoodness I need it, in gold. If I wasn’t on a strict budget right now you could bet it would already be in my shopping cart. I just love it.


And don’t worry, guys. They have stuff for you too. Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee? And one that’s for a good cause?!? Girls like that stuff, ya know?

So please, friends. Check out Sevenly. And if this week isn’t good for you, they’ll be back next with another cause that will be worthy of your money. You will not regret it, I promise.