Emma Lou Reads: Recent Good Reads


Y’all, it has been so long since my last Recent Good Reads post that it took me almost an hour to decide which few things I wanted to link to today. There is just so much stinking goodness out there that it was difficult to choose. But that just means what you’re getting today is the best of the best (in my opinion at least)!

How GOOD are these pictures of the Whoorl family?!


I am dying to make this adorable little clutch, for myself or maybe as a gift this holiday season!

I’ve been day dreaming about wearing this coat in the fall weather. Or the spring weather, or every season from now until the end of time, that’s how much I love this coat.

I typically have a love/hate relationship with Kanye, I find him to be a huge jerk and a crazy genius all at the same time. Not surprisingly, I found this post about his interview on Kimmel to be as good of a read as this parody letter about his recent remarks regarding Vogue.

If we don’t make this ‘Christmas Crack‘ when I’m home for the holidays I’ll probably die. Ya hear that, Mom?!

I want, need, must have this entire outfit – but mostly the hat.

And lastly, the blogger formerly known as Natthefatrat continues to kill it with her essays. I was craving Central Park like no bodies business after reading this post.