Emma Lou Reads: Recent Good Reads

recentgoodreadsI’m starting a new series over here for Thursday posts, I read a lot of wonderful things on the internet each month, but not all of them make it into their own blog post. Rather than wait to write a post for each one, or forgetting to share them all together, every third Thursday is going to be dedicated to a round up of recent good reads around the interwebs. Welcome to the first edition.

This Tedx Talk has had me thinking for days and days, it is MUST WATCH. I’m serious. Do it. Now.

This tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet kind of blew my mind.

How adorable and poignant are these fourth graders? I’ve never been so enthralled by someone’s back.

This awesome info-graphic is a great response to the ‘Me Me Me Generation’ article written by Time Magazine earlier this year.

And all the words you could ever want to read about Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and where we go from here.